Lavender Lilacs

Lavender Lilacs

Well , you can go to a Lavender Farm with your eyes shut and still know that you are there just by that sweet , calming floral scent wafting from those lilac beauties.


In the background you hear the calm hum of working bees as they suck out the nectar from the majestic flowers dotted everywhere.


The elegant green stalks sway in unison with the wind.


Why go all the way to the Red sea if you have got the Purple sea right here ?!!


Beauties of Knole Park

Beauties of Knole Park

It’s not everyday that you see such stunning natural beauties, but when you get to see them, there is no words to describe. If you are looking for a day out ,Knole Park is the place to go to.


This 1000 acre park has an enormous country house with 300 rooms !


It’s not just that ! It is also a home to thousands of Wild Deer.


I strolled through the family trail feasting my eyes on the picturesque landscape.



I treated myself with a slice of sumptuous Almond & Cherry Cake from the Brewhouse Cafe. It was unlike anything that I have tasted before.

-SK (18/05/2019)

Hallo Schweiz

Going to Switzerland  was one of my dreams that finally came true ! We went from seeing the majestic mountains to cascading waterfalls to even the peaceful picturesque Swiss villages.


Mount Titlis was so amazing . When we got to the top it was as white as heaven and I felt like I was flying.  The daring skiers slid down with ease along the snow covered slopes. Beneath me were the fluffy clouds dotted about everywhere. We even saw a cut out of a Bollywood movie (DDLJ).

So, I’ve talked about us seeing snow, but not us playing with snow yet.My cousins and I with our parents went on a cable car ride and found ourselves in a little quintessential village called Mürren where we made some snow men and had the most fun snow fight ever !!


Whilst we were in Lucerne and Interlaken , we went on Lake Cruises along the shimmering blue waters.On one of our stops, Spiez , we walked around and saw many beautiful blossom trees. We then walked to Lake Thun and dipped our feet into the cool and crystal clear water.


Last but not least , the FOOD ! . We had the most delicious chocolates in the world. It would melt in your mouth and was incredible. However, that’s not it.We had a Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue ; the soft brown bread was fabulous with the melted cheese and boiled potatoes.I must say , I didn’t have enough of the mouth-watering Swiss Ice creams , but only 5 ! (LOL)


#the Best trip ever


Last day at sea

They cried out loud,

Until they got the answer,

They crashed on the rocks of the seashore,

And seethed around the crowd,

The distant screams were heard in the moor,

The villagers ran to the shore,

I stood the staring at the sea,

Before I knew that it was the end of me !



Realms of death

I stood on the summit of the cliff staring at the ghostly moon. Suddenly, I saw a blood red light that was twitching about lik a worried lips. I jumped up in horror, but still curious of what the light meant.I ran and ran until the light stopped at a severed corpse on the nearby forest floor.

As I scrutinized the dead body ,I caught sight of an emblem engraved on a nasty metal chain on the neck smothered with blood.I had never seen one in four years ,at least not since Kacy died. What frigthened me was something else though . It was the same symbol , THE SAME SYMBOL  that Kacy had on her ring.

That made me thinking.Kacy and I noticed the symbol on the ring a day before she died.This could mean that this symbol is not JUST a symbol.There’s something more to it….


Nature teach me wisdom like a wise old owl,

Nature teach me grace like a swan in a crystal lake,

Nature teach me humility like a stalk of grass being stepped on,

Nature teach me liberty like a dove in the clear sky,

Nature teach me caring like mother sea nurturing mini waves,

Nature teach me agility like the wind,

Nature teach me pain to survive through hardship.